Autumn Colours in the South of France

Fall colours in the Aude

If you aren’t North American you probably don’t have any idea what ‘fall colours in the Aude’ means.  You may even have to be from the eastern part of North America, I don’t know.

Fall is what we call autumn in Canada.  At least in the parts of Canada that I’ve lived in.  I don’t remember when I first heard the word autumn but I do remember thinking that it must be a fifth season, one that we didn’t have in Canada.

One of the things Eastern Canadians and Americans get excited about is fall colours.  Before the leaves drop off the maples – and maybe some other trees but maples are the best – the leaves turn brilliant colours.  Red and gold and orange and yellow.  It’s spectacular. 

We go for Sunday afternoon drives into the country to see the fall colours.  Actually, if you’re in Toronto in the fall you don’t have to drive into the country.  You just have to drive on the Don Valley Parkway, a major north/south on the east side of the city.  Best colours.  Always.

There are bus tours to see the fall colours.  Really.  You can go on a weekend or week-long trip to see the colours.

Autumn in the Aude

The first autumn that I was in the Aude I was amazed to see the vines changing colour.  It was so unexpected.  The leaves start changing near the end of the vendange.  The colours are similar to the ones that I’m used to, reds, golds, oranges, yellows.  Vibrant autumn colours.

It’ll be a few more days before the colours reach their peak.  Parts of the countryside will look as it it’s been covered with a crazy quilt.  The parcels of vines are irregular and the vines are planted in a different direction in each parcel.  Different colours in each, like a crazy quilt.

My favourite view in the Corbieres is just outside of Monze.  I must particularly like it this time of year because when I looked back at the the picture I posted I realized that I took it a year ago. 

This is pretty much the same picture.  I’m consistent if nothing else.


The beginning of the crazy quilt


It’s a beautiful time of year to be in the Aude.

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