Halloween in France

It’s Halloween

I don’t know if Halloween is the same all over France but in the Aude they do something that seems very odd to me. It may only be in Narbonne but during the day children in costumes – some accompanied by parents, some not – go from shop to shop ‘trick or treating’. 

No tricks, just treats!

Am I a complete grinch?  I don’t think it’s cute. 

Costumed kiddies rush into a shop, the clerks stop whatever they’re doing – maybe serving a customer – and hand over loot.  At least French children accept the candy and say thank you unlike a lot of Canadian children who inspect whatever sweet you’re offering in order to decide whether it’s worth accepting or not.

OK, this isn’t a Halloween rant.

Does anyone know why the kids go around to shops in the daytime?  Do they also go around from house to house in the evening?

I don’t live in a town or village and don’t have small children so I don’t know.  I suppose I could call someone who has young children and ask but it’s very early in the morning and doesn’t really seem that important.

Today I have to go to Carcassonne so at least I’ll find out if it happens there too.  I’ll let you know.

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One Response to Halloween in France

  1. Richard says:

    I don't really see why children shouldn't go begging for their "treats" in shops – or anywhere else for that matter, given that the revolting Halloween habit seems to have seeped out of N. America beyond recall; if they're going to annoy people, they might as well do it properly. I'm amazed and saddened that it has taken in France at all but, like so many of these pervasive dumb-down events, we now seem to be stuck with it.

    You ask whether you are a grinch; well, yes if you're only grinching about the shop aspect but no, if you're regretting the whole Halloween Horror, in which case you'd be a normal person reacting to yet another commercial farce from guess-where. There's nothing cute about "trick or treating".

    Actually, I think there should be a Grinch Day once a year – in fact, more frequently if possible because there are sooooo many things to grinch about.

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