Lagrasse Brocante

A vide grenier in Lagrasse …

.. is not exactly like other vide-greniers in the Aude. At least not like the ones I go to.  It’s usually combined with a Foire Brocante which means that there is more expensive stuff there.  Lots of bigger pieces and not as much tat.

It was a lot colder this morning than I had anticipated and I had to take refuge in the cafe for hot chocolate.  Not a problem because at 9.30 people were still setting up.  No one had arrived yet, at least no buyers, you could have played boules in the boulevard.

Still, it wasn’t cold enough for a parka and a cap with ear-flaps pulled down.  At least I didn’t think it was.


I bought a box of stuff – actually three boxes of stuff – without going through it.  There was a very old tripod that I wanted and the rest looked interesting enough.  Is there anyone out there who knows anything about darkroom equipment form the late 40s?  I’ve ended up with some interesting things and have no idea what they were used for. 

Like this Ozalidoscope.  It has the most beautiful blue glass lens.  I’m sure it was used in a printing process.

I also now have an old enlarger and an amazing lens.  And other things.

Given that I’m in the process of simplifying my life some of them are just too big so if anyone is interested get in touch.

My vote for the ugliest thing at the vide grenier?  Stuffed bird killing a stuffed bird.  I don’t understand the appeal of taxidermy.  Did people actually like this stuff?



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