Lost and Found at Geant 2, Carcassonne

Lost my earring

A couple of weeks ago I was putting groceries in the back of my car at Geant La Cite and somehow snagged my earring in my collar.  The back fell into a grocery bag but the earring rolled away.  I looked under the car, next to the car, in front of the car, behind the car.  No earring.  Very sad.  Very expensive earring – by my standards.


Earring found

Today when I went to Geant I parked in the same place that I parked in two weeks ago.  As I was turning into the parking spot I saw something round and metallic glinting in the sun two  spaces over.

It was my earring!!  Yes, really!  Flattened beyond belief and scratched and the diamond chip missing but definitely my earring.  I’m sure this must be an omen.  Don’t you think?


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