Stuffed Squirrel in Trebes

Today at the vide grenier in Trebes …

I saw the stuffed squirrel.  It’s back.  I haven’t seen it for more than a year.  I thought someone had finally bought it and given it a home.  No, there it was, in attack mode.  Well, maybe it isn’t actually attack mode.  Why would anyone stuff a squirrel?  Does anyone know?

It was a good vide grenier.  I got some lovely curtains – hand crocheted – a camisole, a petticoat, lots of lovely old cotton.  A very nice antique sheet as well.

Time to start selling some of these things to people who can’t get to vide greniers!  Maybe not the squirrel though.

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2 Responses to Stuffed Squirrel in Trebes

  1. jim says:

    We could use a few of those over here *s*

  2. meggie says:

    I remember the squirrel!!!!!!!

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