France and Dog Poo

The end of dog poo on French sidewalks?


One can only hope.

But …

this is France and it often seems that people choose which laws they
want to obey.  It seems to me that there isn’t as much dog poo on the
sidewalks as there used to be, at least not in Carcassonne.  A friend
reports that there is still poo in Limoux.

The fine for not ‘stooping and scooping’ is 38.00 euros so maybe, just
maybe, it’ll help.  Only, of course, if people actually get fined.

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One Response to France and Dog Poo

  1. That picture is too funny, is that a real sign in France? I know here in the U.S. they always post that you will be fined too, but I have yet to see it be enforced. I mean, who would let there dog poo if there was a police officer nearby?!

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