Lunch in Carcassonne – Le Bistrot d'Auriac

Or Club-House du Golf de Carcassonne – franglais if I ever heard it

On Wednesday I had lunch with Elaine at Le Bistrot d’Auriac.  Everything about it was delightful.  The setting, the surroundings, the food, and the company.

Food first – we had the menu.  We both chose the same things which led to the discovery that the waitress had the same sense of humour that we have.  Elaine was ordering " deux salades mozzarella, deux agneaus (not whole lambs, lamb chops), s’il vous plait."  the waitress nodded and then asked "et pour dessert?".  At the same time we both said "creme brulee, s’il vous plait "(we’re excruciatingly polite).  We all laughed a little.  Then Elaine said "et vin rouge, pichet".  The waitress immediately said "Deux?" and laughed.

The mozzarella salad was delicious.  In addition to a vinaigrette that was drizzled artistically over the tomato and cheese there was also a line of pesto drizzled next to it.  MMM.

And then the lamb …

It wasn’t really a lamb chop but it was a thick lamb cutlet, perfectly cooked with just a tiny bit of pink left and served with a small amount of sauce.  Enough to compliment the meat without smothering it.  There was an small casserole of Dauphinois potatoes – the best scalloped potatoes I’ve ever had.

The creme brulee had an unusual texture, almost like a cheese flan.  It was delicious.

The bistrot is also the club house for the golf course.  On one side there’s a view of the course, on the other side you look across a small lane to beautifully restored buildings.  The grounds of the Domaine d’Auriac are beautiful, so is the main building.  Walking from the car park to the bistrot is almost like walking through a tiny hamlet.

Le Bistrot d’Auriac is open all year but it’s best to call to check the hours.  They’re a tad complicated in the winter.  The phone number is 0468 25 37 19.

Lunch was 20.00 euros each and well worth it.

It was Elaine’s suggestion that we go there and now she’s two for two.  Last time we had lunch we went to L’Endroit, also her choice and also a delicious lunch.  If you’re looking for somewhere to have lunch in Carcassonne you can’t go wrong with Elaine’s choices.

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