Where in the world is Sam?

In Canada for the winter

Yes, after 6 winters in the Aude I decided to spend part of this winter in Ontario.  It’s possible that I should have consulted The Farmers’ Almanac or Environment Canada before buying a ticket.  Both are predicting the worst winter in 15 years!  And it’s started with a vengeance. 


There are so many things I’d forgotten about winter.

  • Minniemousehat
    Snow tires – for an old pick-up it costs about a third as much as the truck cost just to buy snow tires and have them mounted.
  • Rear-wheel drive – the pickup has rear wheel drive but no weight in the back so I had to put bags of sand over the axle.  It’s a find balance, too much weight in the back is also bad.  No weight and the back of the truck can pass you on a hill.  disconcerting to say the least.
  • Winter driving – Not fun.
  • Winter boots – They have to be warm and waterproof.  Leather is not a good option.  Fashion is not a consideration.
  • Winter coat – Fashion is definitely a consideration.  So is warmth!
  • Winter jacket – Can’t wear a long coat in deep snow, it’ll drag you down. 
  • Winter gloves – as opposed to cute leather fashion gloves.  The best ones are down-filled and waterproof.  Waterproof is very important in winter.  Snow melts.
  • Winter hats – often not attractive but they keep your ears from freezing. The best one that I’ve found is more like a headband.  I call it my Minnie Mouse hat.  I got it at the hat shop in Carcassonne.  I can’t remember the name but it’s across the street from the market – les Halles.
  • Snow squalls – little snow storms that appear from nowhere.
  • Whiteouts – snow blowing across a road.  It’s as if someone suddenly slipped a blindfold over your eyes.  Very scary.
  • Firewood – well I hadn’t forgotten about firewood, just about stacking it and bringing it in through the snow. Salt – used to melt snow. Horrible in the city because it gets on the bottom of your coat and on your boots – another reason that leather isn’t the best option.
  • Shovelling snow – very important that you approach it slowly.  Every year middle-aged people (mostly men – maybe because snow-shovelling is still primarily a male reserve – die from heart attacks brought on by shovelling snow.
  • Winter skies – incredibly beautiful
  • Snow in the country – beautiful expanses of white snow.  Lovely.  If you’d like to see pictures of snow in the country …
  • Snow in the city – piles of grey slush.  Horrible.
  • Sitting in front of the fire – reading a book and sipping brandy while the blizzard howls outside.  Nice.

All in all it’s nice to be here.  I’m still working so just e-mail me if you need information about properties for sale in the Aude.

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Sam started Aude France as a companion site to her real estate site Aude France Property so that she could have a place to write about life in the Aude. Now that she's in Canada she writes about things that can affect owners and buyers in the Aude - or anything that strikes her fancy. On Pinterest you can find her by searching for Sam Mooney or clicking this link
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