Oz to Aude Renovation – part 4

Peter & Helen’s French Renovation

Where have I been?  I can’t believe it has been over 12 months since I last contributed to Sam’s blog.  See what happens when you’re having lots of fun doing……….? Not really we have returned 3 times since to Montlaur and we’re claiming the excuse that we have been too busy slaving away on the reno to write.  (you know you never own a house…it owns you!) 

Right now the house and stable are looking pretty good with some painting left to finish in the house. The stable now has a new bathroom and bedroom.  These also need some painting. The kitchen is looking great now that the tiling’s done and we have oodles of light in the ground floor having replaced the solid doors to the terrace with french doors.

Our last trip was for Christmas.  Yes I know it’s cold at that time of the year but we wanted to experience Noel in France.

Christmas in the Aude

We were not disappointed on any account, it was cold, more than we
liked, and we had a ball with our friends over Christmas lunch and
dined and danced with all our village neighbours on New Years Eve at a
soiree in the Foyer.  What a hoot.  Stan and Yann animations were a
site and sound to behold. Go Stan!

As the cold was getting to
us and I could see that the electricity meter was spinning that fast
that it was about to bankrupt me we decided to look for a wood heater
to install. (Electricity is not that expensive compared to Australia it
is just that electric heating uses heaps)

We rather fancied an enameled Godin or Franco Belge which are both French and look
wonderful, however I wasn’t that keen on the price of around 800 euro.
Well a miracle happened around the 15th of January, all the winter
sales started and we were able to pick up a Franco Belge wood heater
for less than half price from Weldom.  A real bargain.  Yes but as
always there is a slight downside – it wasn’t our preferred colour
combination but hey, at that price we can live with it.

Our next
purchase when we return will be a television as our last one died.
Have been scouring the internet and found a lot of good buys so might
be brave and purchase one online as they are a lot less expensive
especially for the known brands.

What will I do when all is
finished?  Guess we will look for our next place in the sun.  Anyway
that’s some time off yet as it looks like I might be swapping my unused
remise out the back for some of my neighbours garden.  If this comes
off I’ll have another project there, lots of gardening!  More about
that later.

Bonne Annee!
Peter & Helen

Bathroom Kitchen

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Sam’s comment: Peter and Helen have made a beautiful vacation home.  Lots of imagination and lots of hard work! It’s worth taking a look at some before pictures to really put the results in perspective.  Maybe if we ask him nicely Peter will dig through and find matching after pictures.  If he does I’ll post them side by side.

In the meantime – the house in Montlaur – before!


Kitchen_2  Table_2


Redbr  Stripebr



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