La Poste – the post office in France in English

La Poste has a fabulous web site in English

La Poste in English – has a section for people already living in France, for people planning to move to France, and for people visiting France.

I’ve been known to bitch and moan about French websites and how useless they are.  Not La Poste.  It’s great, very user friendly. 

La Poste is the most customer-service focused organization I’ve experienced in France – not that this is saying a lot!

I’ve had the same postman since I moved here.  When I sold my house in Rieux en Val and bought the house at Domneuve he told me not to bother with a redirect form, he would still be my postman and he’d make sure my mail arrived.

My dogs adore him and he’s on a first-name basis with them.  He carries little doggie treats with him.  Smart man.

If I have a letter to post I just leave it on my mailbox and he posts it for me.  If I don’t have a stamp I just leave the money with the letter.  If I don’t have the right change he brings me change the next day.

All this and Saturday delivery!

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  1. Jackie Harnois says:

    I need help in locating a mirror that belonged to my grandfather, Joe Harnois/Beauharnais. The person who has the mirror does not know that there are important papers inside the frame of the mirror and LOCATING THESE PAPERS IS AN EMERGENCY!!!

    If you have any bulletin boards, please post this message.


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