Lunch in Limoux

Restaurant de la Gare, Limoux

When I have lunch with Elaine I get her to choose the restaurant.  Her choices are always great. Today we had lunch at the Restaurant de la Gare in Limoux.  It’s definitely a destination restaurant, the train station in Limoux is a bit off the beaten track, not somewhere that you’d just be passing.  Unless you were getting a train.  This feels a bit as if I’m giving away a secret, telling you about it.


It’s also not a restaurant that you’d be likely to choose based on the outside – or the inside for that matter – but if you’re in Limoux and want a delicious lunch for 10.50 euros it’s definitely worth a visit.

Madame does all the serving while Monsieur does the cooking and the dishes.  They’re only open for lunch and the menu is set.  Check the  menu in the window before you decide to go in. 

Today the menu was a choice of salad or soup, roast beef and green beans, a choice of dessert, and  a carafe of red wine.  It’s the first time I’ve ever had roast beef at a restaurant in France.  It was very good.

Most of the other diners were obviously regulars – and mostly men – people who work in the area.  They all seemed to arrive at once and Madame was hopping, getting everyone served.

The Restaurant de la Gare is across the street from the train station in Limoux.  They only serve lunch.


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