Website design and web development in Languedoc, France

Website designer – one of my day jobs

I’ve been designing websites for about 9 years.  My first site was Ode to Aude.  I was starting to look for a house here and needed a way to keep track of my research. The site’s gone through a lot of iterations since then.  I haven’t done much with it for a couple of years but it’s still on page 1 in Google if you search for Aude.  (So are my two other sites – Aude France Property and this one, Aude France)

There are no bells and whistles on my sites.  The design is clean, the sites are easy to navigate, the pages load quickly, and they do well in search engines.  Doing well in search engines is no accident.  For me, making sure a site is optimized to do well in search engines is part of the whole process of developing a website.

This is a "pick me! pick me!" post.  There are so many of you offering terrific services in the Aude, services that people want.  Services that people can’t find because your websites just aren’t showing up high in the search results.

A lot of you are in highly competitive businesses.  You need every advantage you can get if you’re going to make a living in the south of France.  A website that is easily found is one of those advantages.

Free home page analysis
If you’d like a free analysis of your home page email me a link to your site and I’ll email you a short report outlining changes that could be made to improve its appeal to search engines.

You need a website if you offer a service in the Aude
If you’re living in Languedoc, speak English, and offer some kind of service, you need a website.  You may already have a website and if you don’t you may decide to whip one up on your own.  Or your brother-in-law will make you one for free. For the most part you’ll get what you pay for.

You need a website that ranks high in search engines when people search for aude and your service
If your website isn’t appearing in the top 30 results – ideally in the top 10 – for keywords and search phrases related to what you do you just won’t get business from the site. It isn’t enough to just make a pretty site and sit back and wait.  Your site needs to be optimized so that search engines will find it and deliver it high in the rankings.

Finding a plumber near Carcassonne – an example
Is Justin the only English speaking plumber working in the Aude?  I doubt it.  But try searching for Carcassonne plumber.  He’s the only one you’ll find in the top 30 results. He’s a great plumber by the way!

Optimizing your website – the one thing most people don’t do
The most important element of any website is the text; the content, the words.  And it’s the last thing that people focus on when they make a website. That explains why there are so many pretty websites that don’t get any traffic and don’t generate any business.

Optimizing a website isn’t easy
You’ve probably heard people talking about meta tags and key words.  If you designed your own site you’ve probably added a keyword meta tag.  And wondered why your site doesn’t do better.  In fact, the keyword tag is the least important of the four tags that people commonly use.

It’s not just about the meta tags.  You need good content.  Content that appeals to the people who visit your site and is also search engine friendly.  I could go on and on.  It takes a long time to learn about optimizing a website and actually doing it requires hours of work.  If you want your site to be really successful each page should be optimized.

If you’re going to optimize your web site yourself you’ll spend hundreds of hours learning how to do it.  That’s time that you could spend actually generating income or developing an effective marketing plan.  Or learning French.

Pick me! Pick me!
This is a self-serving post.   If you have an Aude related website – or any website – that isn’t delivering the traffic and customers that you expect, that isn’t appearing in the top 30 search engine results, contact me for a site optimization quote.

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Sam started Aude France as a companion site to her real estate site Aude France Property so that she could have a place to write about life in the Aude. Now that she's in Canada she writes about things that can affect owners and buyers in the Aude - or anything that strikes her fancy. On Pinterest you can find her by searching for Sam Mooney or clicking this link
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  1. Brian says:

    Seems like we are treading a similar path. I am involved in website design, internet marketing and of course SEO to support these activities. Interesting we are both here in the Aude region.

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