It didn’t stay but it was snow!

I know.  I’m supposed to post the property of the week today.  Tomorrow.  I will really.

Since I’ve gone on and on about the glorious weather we’ve been having I thought it only fair to write about the cold weather.  My Canadian friends will be rolling on the floor laughing given the winter they’ve been having but it’s cold.  The forecast high – depending on the forecast you read- was 4.  It certainly didn’t reach 4 at Domneuve. 

We’ve had wind all day and it’s still blowing.  I doubt the temperature went above 2, and that was for the 20 minutes that the sun was out.  We’ve also had rain, sleet, hail. and for about 20 minutes this morning, snow.

I’ve had all my heaters on all day – unusual for me – and I’m still cold.  It’s supposed to stay cold for another 2 or 3 days.  My winter coat is in Canada!  BRRR.


There wasn’t really enough contrast to get a good shot of the snow.  The white streaks in the picture are snow.

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