International Knitting Day in the Aude

Knitting near Quillan

Has there always been an International Knitting Day or is it a new thing?  I’ve started knitting again – after a 40 year break – because my daughter started to knit and I remembered how peaceful and soothing it can be.   My projects so far haven’t been terribly adventurous.  I’ve been making hot water bottle covers.  It gives me a chance to relearn patterns and techniques.

Today I got an email about International Knitting Day – June 14 – from Helen Moss.  She’s interested in organizing a knitting event in Quillan. 

June 14th is International Knitting Day with the aim of showing the world the joys of knitting!

All over the world there will be knitting events in public places where people can knit together.

I thought that it might be nice to organise something here, perhaps in
Quillan. Would you be interested? Maybe we could do some knitting for
charity, for example making little hats and booties for premature
babies (or do you have any other ideas …?).

If you are interested please reply to this email and if there are enough people we can choose a venue and get organised.

Don’t worry if you are not very good at knitting (or if you can’t knit
at all) – I am only a beginner and am not very good! I’m sure that we
would have a fun day together!

If you know anyone else who likes knitting (and not only women, this is
for everyone, men and children also welcome!) please tell them about
this. You can give them my email or phone number too.

Here is the French website: and the English language one:

Email Helen for more details.

Happy knitting.

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