This May be the Ideal Time to Buy Property in France

By Elaine Youngs

Just as in many other countries at the moment, the property market in France is fairly quiet.  The exchange rate between the pound and the euro is the main culprit for those of us with English clients.  Irish clients are still coming since they are already in the euro but many English people who had planned to buy this year are hesitating and, in many cases, being scared off.

This is wholly understandable but, if we look a bit further, we see a lot of French (and a fair number of English) sellers now unable to sell their properties to the previously reliable English market.  Inevitably, they are realizing that, in order to sell, they must be open to offers on their asking prices.

So, rather than being scared off by the current exchange rate, British buyers could well actually scoop a bargain!

Elaine Youngs is an estate agent who has been selling real estate in the Aude and the Ariege for 7 years.  You can contact her at

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