French immobiliers

Using a real estate agency in France

Fanjeaux in the AudeThe thing to remember about French real estate agencies – immobiliers- is that they exist primarily to sell property for and to the French. Their focus is on getting listings and keeping other immos from finding out about them.

You see a picture of a house that you like in the window of a real estate agency. The price looks right but you can’t tell where it is from the description so you go inside and ask. Pretty straight-forward, right? All they need to do is tell you where it is so you can decide if you want to see it. Maybe go look at the outside on your own, walk around the village, check the area.

It’s not going to happen. Not in the Aude. Probably not anywhere in France.

Customer service from a French immobilier

You’ll be invited to talk to an agent, to describe the property you want, to plough through the listing book, looking at houses that don’t meet any of your criteria, and to make an appointment to go view properties.

“But”, you’ll say, “I just want to know where the house in the window is so I can look at the outside and look around the village.” “Tant pis” they think with a Gallic shrug of their shoulders. This is France.

Maybe, just maybe, if you persist they’ll tell you the general area. If the village is large enough they may tell you the name of the village but they aren’t going to give you an address unless you sign a bon de visit saying that you’ll only look at the house using one of their real estate agents.

Make an immobilier appointment before you arrive in France

Even if you’ve taken the time to contact an immobilier before you visit France and made an appointment to see a specific house you’ll arrive at the appointed time and find that no appointments have been made. French agents believe that foreigners never show up. You’ll have to go through the book, look at all the houses you aren’t interested in, and then they’ll make appointments to show you the properties you want to see. Usually not on that day.

Off to another immo

And after all that, if you don’t like any of the houses they’ve shown you? Too bad. Off to another immobilier and start again.

See the same house, over and over

You might notice that some of the houses in the next immobilier’s book look a bit familiar. They probably are. You saw them in the first immobilier’s book. That’s because the French tend to list their properties with more than one real estate agent. Sometimes with as many as 10! And they all try very hard to take pictures that won’t identify the property. They don’t want competitors to know that it’s for sale. Unfortunately that results in confused clients being taken to see houses that they’ve already seen with another immo.

What a waste of time.

Deal with one real estate agent in the Aude

Wouldn’t it be nice to just deal with one real estate agent in the Aude? You can. At Aude France Property we take the time to get to know what kind of property you want, where in the Aude you want to buy property, and how much you want to spend on your house in France. We collaborate with other immobiliers in the Aude, as well as with Notaires and with owner’s selling their properties privately, so we can show you the houses you want to see.

Contact us, we’ll make it easy for you to buy property in the Aude.

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