Aude Property Market Strong in Summer 2010

No summer break in property sales in the Aude

Lovely 3 bedroom house for sale in Caunes Minervois

Normally July and August are very slow times for real estate in the Aude.  Not this year!

At Aude France Property we’re getting fewer emails – normal for this time of the year – but they’re from people coming to France to buy property – not usual this time of year. Another thing I’ve noticed is that they are planning to come now – within 2 or 3 weeks.

Usually in the summer it’s safe for an estate agent to take time off, slow down and enjoy life in France, especially if they don’t work in an office – don’t have a vitrine (window).  Not so easy if you work in an immo’s office with listings in the window.

Then you have to deal with what I’ve always thought of as ‘property tourists’ – people who see listings in an agents window and think it would be fun to spend a day looking at houses.

I work with three agents in the Aude.  This year Elaine went away for a month in the late spring. Very prescient! Nicola has a trip to Ireland planned. leaving on Aug 8th.  Ingrid closed shop for a month on July 16.

Nicola will be working flat out until the day before she leaves and Elaine won’t have much breathing time for the first two weeks in August.  Ingrid will hit the ground running in the middle of August.

Why the difference?  I’m not sure.  Pent up demand, good exchange rates, and still low prices I guess.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in September.

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