Plane Trees in the Aude

Plane tree in Villemoustaussou

Perfect Plane Tree Trunk

There are probably plane trees all over France but I had never really been aware of them until my first visit to Languedoc in 1999.

They are glorious, all lined up like sentries along both sides of roads leading into villages.

The bark is a crazy quilt of greys, lilacs, taupes, beiges, and browns.  So soft looking.

I’ve bought houses for some strange reasons in my time but maybe the strangest was deciding, as I drove up the lane leading to a wine domaine near Montlaur and the workers’ cottage that I was going to look at, that unless the house was a complete ruin I was going to buy it so that I could go up and down that plane lined lane every day.

The photo is of a plane tree in Villemoustaussou – just north of Carcassonne.  It’s in front of a three bedroom house that’s for sale – in case you want to buy near a plane tree!

I had just published this post when I read this article in French News Online.

Virulent incurable canker strain killing plane trees

A virulent incurable canker stain disease is killing magnificent plane trees shading the banks of the 240km-long Canal du Midi linking Toulouse to the Mediterranean and threatening the survival of this extraordinary 17th century feat of French engineering.

Read more at the French News Online site.

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  1. Nickie Kirke says:

    Hi Sam, thought you might be interested in my blog article on the recent destruction of a village plane tree in the Ariege by a careless lorry. The disease riddled tree was felled during a collision and was also probably a victim of this disease. Thanks for the info. Nickie

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