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Are you on Twitter? Do you tweet? I really didn’t understand the point of Twitter until I started paying attention to the way that my daughter was using it.  She has an online theatre publication – Mooney on Theatre – that covers live theatre in Toronto.

When there’s a new review she tweets it.  Seems obvious but that’s just a small part of the way she uses Twitter.  She follows other theatre people – local, national and international – and retweets their tweets. (I can’t believe I’m seriously writing tweets and twitter but there you go, it’s a brave new social world.) She follows about 300 people and about 800 people follow her.

People have found jobs, rehearsal spaces, and places to live through her retweets.  That’s in addition to finding out what’s happening in the theatre world outside of Toronto.  She says that she curates tweets about theatre.

Are you reading and thinking “where on earth is Sam going with this, it has nothing to do with the Aude, let alone with France”?

AudeFrance on Twitter – remember?

It suddenly made sense to me.  I could see a reason to tweet.  It took me a while to feel comfortable, to do much more than lurk, but now I’m curating tweets about France.  There’s a lot of information out there.  No one can possibly keep track of it all.

Some of it is fleeting, some of it not interesting, some of it is quirky, some of it is practical.  And I can pick and choose, decide what I think is useful or interesting and retweet.  I’m also posting the practical stuff here on Aude France.

If you look in the sidebar on the right you’ll see an item titles Follow AudeFrance on Twitter. Underneath are my 4 most recent tweets.

When there are things that I think will be useful to anyone reading the blog I’ll make the item into a post.  that way the information will be in the archives.

Back to where I started… Are you on Twitter?  Leave your user name in a comment and I’ll follow you.

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Sam started Aude France as a companion site to her real estate site Aude France Property so that she could have a place to write about life in the Aude. Now that she's in Canada she writes about things that can affect owners and buyers in the Aude - or anything that strikes her fancy. On Pinterest you can find her by searching for Sam Mooney or clicking this link
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