English Mobile Phone Service in France

A great idea if you’re house hunting in the Aude, or anywhere in France.

LeFrenchMobile has a SIM card in English for your mobile phone.  It’s such a great idea.  Unless you have an amazing plan with your mobile phone company it costs a fortune to use your phone in France – all those roaming charges.

If you’re in France to buy a house you really need to have a phone with you.   It makes it so much easier to contact your estate agent, to arrange or reschedule appointments, to ask questions.

It’s a good idea to get your phone unlocked before you go to France and buy a SIM card once you get there.  Or order a SIM card in advance.

Before I moved to France I had a phone that I saved for trips to France.  I’d fill the card once I arrived and have it to use while I was there. It was a challenge.  All the instructions were in French and my French – at least my mobile phone instruction French, was pretty much non-existent. I bought the phone at an Orange office and managed – through a combination of English word in a French accent and a lot of hand gestures – to figure out how to use the phone and listen to my messages.

After a couple of trips I realized that there was an option in the setup menu to choose the language.  That certainly made it easier.

If you’re organized enough to arrange for a SIM card in advance it’s worth considering LeFrenchMobile. English is the operating language out of the box which is nice.  They also have lower rates than the other French mobile phone providers.

Data is €1/MB and text messages are €0.10 inside France and €0.28 for international texts.

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  2. Hi,

    Our data tariffs have gone done. Now, surf on the internet for only €0.70/MB with your LeFrenchMobile SIM card.

    For further information do not hesistate to contact us at info@lefrenchmobile.com

  3. Hi to all,

    Our data tariffs went down again to €0.48/MB! We now offer you 3G dongles to stay connected anywhere in France during your vacations.
    Check out its characteristics at:http://www.lefrenchmobile.com/en/order-sim-card-for-france/phones/nokia-3g-dongle.html

  4. John Collins says:

    I visit France each year for about a month and I have been buying a new sim card and getting a different number each year as i cannot contact SFR orange etc from Zimbabwe to top up.

    If I get a sim card from you please confirm:
    1 I keep the same phone number for ever
    2 The amount of credit in my account does not get cancelled each year but continues indefinately.

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