Hidden Gem: Detached house 3 bedrooms, pool, Montlaur in the Corbieres

Detached house for sale in Montlaur

Detached house for sale in Montlaur

This house is a lot older than it looks, about 100 years old.  It’s detached – an amazing find in a village in the Aude, has a large garden with a pool, a garage, a terrace, and 3 bedrooms.  It’s on the edge of Montlaur, a wine producing village in the Aude. It’s in excellent condition.

And the price? €245,000. Really a terrific price for a property of this type. You can see all the detail at Aude France Property – ref 3326.

It’s one of those houses that was listed right at the top of the market.  Houses like this just weren’t selling.  The owners were a bit slow to lower the price so it sat.  The price is now very realistic, in fact a bargain.

One thing we’ve noticed, the decorating is very plain.  Not a lot of colour, no pictures on the wall.  One of our clients said it was sterile. In theory buyer’s shouldn’t be looking at stuff like that, they should be looking beyond to see what the house will look like with their furnishings and personal touches but it isn’t an easy thing to do.

For anyone who can see past the sterility to the potential this is a great buy.  Please email me – sam@aude-france-property.com – if you’d like more information or would like to arrange to see the house.

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