Win a House in France

I know, I’m supposed to be selling properties in the Aude not writing about a house near Cognac in the Charente, but have you seen the house?

Win a house in France

The Prize

It’s gorgeous! I want this house!

You can read about Ian and Bernadette Weyde – the owners – and why they decided to have a competition with their property in France as the prize. It’s a brilliant idea.  *Tickets are £25.00 for one entry in the competition.

It isn’t a lottery, you  have to look at a picture of a boules game with the boule removed and guess where it should be. The winner is the person with the most accurate guess. Makes it a bit more difficult than a lottery but the odds of winning are way better. And… once you buy a ticket you can dream about owning the property. The terms and conditions cover all the questions you might have.

*If you have a North American Credit card:

Barclaycard is handling the payments and can’t accept payments from certain countries – Canada and the United States among others. Here’s the complete list of prohibited countries.

The Weydes are working to find an alternative payment method.  Ideally something online but it might involve sending a bank transfer.

If you’re in Canada or the United States and want to enter just send an email to Bernadette – – and she’ll put your name on a list and email you as soon as they have a alternative payment method worked out. My name is already on the list.

Good luck everyone.  You’ll be welcome to come and visit me once I live there.

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2 Responses to Win a House in France

  1. Emma F says:

    What a wonderful house! Interesting spin on the old spot the ball game – spot the ‘boules’ 🙂 Did the couple manage to resolve their issues with accepting payments from US/Canadian residents?

    • Sam says:

      I really don’t know. I haven’t heard anything so assume they couldn’t but keep meaning to check. I will as soon as I’m not working from the bar in Olonzac with a very short battery.



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