Cafe de la Poste in Olonzac

free wifi at Cafe de la Poste in Olonzac, Herault in Languedoc

Friday evening at Cafe de la Poste in Olonzac

I’ve been using the free wifi at the Cafe de la Poste in Olonzac for the last month. I now think of the bar as my office. In fact I think I’ve spent more time in a bar this month than I have in my whole life to this point.

Stef and Dani run the cafe and Kathie is there in the morning at 6.30 to open and get the day going.  I have no idea what time they close.  I do know that they open a bit later on Saturday and Sunday – 7ish.

They don’t serve food and so don’t mind if you bring something to eat and order a drink.  Nice on a Sunday evening when they have live music from about 18.00 until about 22.30.  Have a drink, listen to the music for a while then go and get a pizza or kabob and bring it back.

Last week there was music on Friday evening too.  The place was jammed; people were even sitting inside – unusual in the summer.

More atmospheric than McDonalds or Starbucks.

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