Esprits de Garrigue – Villerouge Termines Corbieres Aude

Esprits de Garrague shop in Villerouge Termenes

Esprits de Garrigue Villerouge Termenes

Esprits de Garrigue is a collective of Corbieres producers who grow or make products while respecting the environment whether or not the products are certified as biologique or organic. They have a shop in Villerouge Termines in the old Cave Cooperative on the D613.  All the members of the collective take turns working in the shop.

It’s so nice to see a shop like this.  Somewhere that you can buy local products and meet the producers.

Interior of Esprits de Garrique

My friend Valerie Quilis is one of the producers. She ‘produces’ dresses, aprons, place mats. tablecloths, napkins, hand towels and tea towels from vintage sheets and fabric.

Valerie was the reason I went on Saturday and I had the luck to also meet Olivier Fouquet who owns the Domaine des Pierres Bleues and makes organic wine. I bought two bottles of le Quartz – a Syrah Grenache blend.

There’s a huge range of products, all kinds of honey, cheeses, artisanal bread, jams, fruit juices, wines, essential oils, foie gras, and of course, Valerie’s vintage fabric creations. (More to follow about those.)

Villerouge is on the Cathar castle route so if you’re touring stop in to the shop.

It’s open from 10 to 18.30 ( and later if there are customers) every day in July and August
Everyday from 13.30 to 18.30 in June and September
Week-ends, school holidays, and bank holidays in April and May from 13.30 to 18.30

Valerie and Olivier take a break

You might get there at the right time to enjoy a break with the person working in the shop that day.



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