My Favourite Vide Greniers in the Aude

Is anyone else vide-grenier mad? I asked a friend who is now in California if she liked being back in the US and she said that it was ok, good to be near family, but that she really missed vide-greniers. I understand that completely.

Toy caravan, Azille vide-grenier

She and I have spent a lot of Saturdays and Sundays going to vide-greniers.

Given that even I could only use so many monogrammed sheets I had to find a way to curb my enthusiasm – and spending. I discovered that I enjoyed walking around and taking pictures (almost) as much as I did looking for bargains.

Even though there are vide-greniers all year long there is definitely a season. The best vide-greniers happen from March to November. There’s a website that will help you find out which villages are holding vide-greniers – You can search by department which certainly makes it easier.

I’ve been thinking about which village vide-greniers I always like and have come up with a list – not definitive by any means, it’s completely subjective.

  • Fabrezan
  • Azille
  • Fonties d”Aude
  • Barbaira
  • Marseillette
  • Trebes

Part of what I like is that – other than Trebes – the vide-greniers are all in the streets of the villages. Very picturesque.

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