Anywhere You Hang Your Hat is Home

My 'entry-way'

My ‘entry-way’

Sure. But what if there isn’t anywhere to hang your hat?

The front door of the first house I owned in the Aude opened into the kitchen. In the second house you walked right into the open area living space.

No entry halls or vestibules, no where to hang a hat or cardigan or jacket.

In the first house I tended to pile things on a chair in the living room and then try and remember to take it upstairs when I went. Not always successfully.

In the second house I had one of those rolling clothes racks that you sometimes see in shops. Functional? Yes. Attractive? No.

This weekend my daughter installed ‘an entry’ for me. Looks great, doesn’t it? Little shelf for keys and other small things, lovely Italian basket for mail or magazines. and five hooks for coats and jackets. I’m happy. My coat is happy.

I saw a lot of interesting and creative ideas when I was trolling the internet for inspiration. Some of them on on my Pinterest board – for small spaces.

It’s nice to know that there are attractive solutions to the lack of an entry-way. One less thing to worry about then you’re looking at old French houses in the Aude.

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