About Aude France

Sam Mooney

In December 2004 I started Aude France, the blog, so I could write about my experiences living and working in the Aude.

I had always dreamed of living in France. Seriously, always. I was 10 the first time I went to France and if my parents had said “we’ve found a really nice French family for you to live with” I think I would have stayed.

Finally in 2001 I bought a house in the Corbieres and in 2002 I moved to France. And loved it.

But life moves on and things change. I always said that I would move back to Canada when I had grandchildren so now I’m living in Toronto and spending a lot of time with my two wonderful grandsons. I miss France but I think I was born to be a grandmother. It’s the best and I wouldn’t miss this time in their lives for anything.

I have to admit that my blogging is sporadic at best but there are a lot of posts in the archives. You can also find me on the internet at:

And you can always email me – aude.france@gmail.com