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Stephanie and her husband are the proud owners of an 18th century townhouse in Castelnaudary. The need to earn a living means they spend more time at their offices in England and less time in Castelnaudary than they would like, but having a home in the Aude gives them something to dream about.

Our French Home

Sometimes when I am lying awake at three in the morning and I have exhausted all the usual worries – work, money, old age, children – I start to worry about our house in Castelnaudary. Can we really justify the … Continue reading

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The Fête du Cassoulet 2013

At 2am on the Sunday of this year’s Fête du Cassoulet, I looked out of the sitting-room window of our house in Castelnaudary. The crowd in the square outside was dancing along to the live band. Fortified by Castelnaudary’s “ … Continue reading

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A charming hilltop village somewhere in the Aude

The village is definitely very charming but it is going to remain nameless in this blog. All I will say is that it overlooks the Lauragais plain and is full of beautiful medieval buildings. We decided to have Sunday lunch … Continue reading

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Domaine Rose & Paul

The winemakers Domaine Rose & Paul had a stall this year at the food and wine market held during the Fête du Cassoulet in Castelnaudary. When we stopped at the stall the pleasant lady working on it explained that the Domaine is … Continue reading

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The Languedoc Trilogy by Kate Mosse

That’s Kate Mosse the writer not Kate Moss the super model. The three books in Kate Mosse’s best- selling Languedoc trilogy are “Labyrinth”, “Sepulchre” and “Citadel”, each one set in or around Carcassonne at an important point in the city’s … Continue reading

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